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This page is about Ann from Harvest Moon: GB. For other uses, see Ann (disambiguation).
Ann's Photo
Japanese Name: アン (An)
Residence: Tool Shop


Ann is the upbeat inventor working at the Tool Shop. She is passionate about creating tools and would rather spend her time tinkering with them than to go to events such as the Picnic. She can upgrade your Water Can to a Sprinkler, and sells you the Cheese Maker and the Butter Maker in the second year.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

All grammatical errors reflect in-game appearance.

Shop Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Entering the shop Hi <Player>!What can I do for you?
Buying an item Thank you!
Be sure not to mistreat it.
Canceling a purchase What! Are you sure?
I worked very hard on it...
Not enough money You don't have enough money.
Leaving the shop See you later.
Sprinkler available Hi! The Sprinkler is ready!

Item Dialogue[edit]

Item Dialogue
Brush That's a Brush used on cows. It is specially made. The cost is 800G.
Milker That's a Milker. It is used to milk a cow.
The cost is 1800G.
Sprinkler That's a Sprinkler.
It is 2000G along with A Water Can

Event Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Water Can Upgrade You work hard everyday, <Player>.
Do you have a Water Can?
I can make a Sprinkler by modifying a water can.
I need 7days to complete the sprinkler. Make sure you come and buy one.


8AM-6PM: Tool Shop