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This page is about Ann from Harvest Moon: DS. For other uses, see Ann (disambiguation).
Ann's Photo
Japanese Name: アーフィ (Aafi)
Birthday: Summer 17
Residence: Inner Inn on Fridays (after HM:FoMT connection)
Family: Father (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Cheese Fondue


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]


Visits Inner Inn and Goddess Spring on Fridays (after HM:FoMT connection)


Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
Black Heart ...Is something the matter? Need something with Ruby?
Purple Heart Welcome <Player>. Oh, I shouldn't say that. I'm so used to saying that.
Blue Heart Ruby's a tremendous cook. She beat father at the Mineral Town cooking contest. Father's cooking is great. And she beat his cooking. That's why he's her disciple.
Green Heart My father is really hard to deal with. I can't believe it. He said I should find some one to marry in the Valley. That's none of his business.
Yellow Heart Are things at the farm keeping you busy, <Player>? There's a farm in Mineral Town and it seems like it's busy there too.
Orange Heart Ruby's teaching me to cook but I can't seem to make my dishes tastes like hers. Cooking is complicated. I need to strive harder.
Red Heart Cooking is fun. It might be nice to cook for someone too. Oh, not really. I didn't mean it that way ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Gift Related[edit]

Type Portrait Line
Favorite Gift Cheese Fondue!! You made it, <Player>? Thank you!!
Loved Gift Are you sure it's ok? Yeah! Thank you!
Liked Gift Thanks, I'm happy.
Neutral Gift Thank you.
Disliked Gift ... This... it's for me? Oh no... it's nothing...
Hated Gift Yikes, not this. I hate it.
Worst Gift I don't want this! I'm disappointed in you, <Player>!





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