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Farm Animals[edit]


Chickens are easy animals to raise and don't take much work, make sure to pick your chickens up everyday and feed them and they will get attached to you in no time! In this game, you have to feed your chicken chicken feed, which means always having to buy it from the shop, though you can probably make your own.


  • Normal – 80G
  • Good – 130G
  • Star – 180G

If you want to get the most out of your chickens, you should probably get a mayonnaise maker which turns your eggs into mayo instantly which sells for more!


  • Normal – 100G
  • Good – 150G
  • Star – 450G



  • Normal – 180G
  • Good – 240G
  • Star – 270G


  • Normal – 180G
  • Good – 280G
  • Star – 640G


  • Normal – 130G
  • Good – 230G
  • Star – 500G


Sheep in this game are pretty much like sheep in the other games. You buy them as young lambs and as you brush them and talk to them everyday and soon they'll have grown up before your eyes. sheep are normally funny and love to leap up and down when happy. You can also keep sheep outside for days and nights and even in the rain, but you have to be careful otherwise the sheep might get ill, then you'd have to buy some medicine. You can use the shears from the tool shop as soon as your sheep is fully grown, as its affection for you rises, so will the quality of its wool, going from dirty to clean and selling for more. If you want you can also buy a yarn maker to turn your wool into yarn.


  • Bad – 300G
  • Good – 330G
  • Star – 430G


  • Good – 400G
  • Star – 600G


In SoH you can get a wide variety of pets, they need no real maintenance and will be ok on their own. If you want your pet to like you pick it up everyday, race it, and it will soon grow affectionate towards you, you can even feed them to make them happier.

Pet 1 - Puppy[edit]

On your second day, Ellen will come by your house to give you her puppy, you name it and it will become your first pet. This is, of course, the standard dog seen in almost every Harvest Moon game!

Pet 2 - Pig[edit]

Once you buy a barn, an event will occur and you gain a pig, name it and this becomes your second pet. Once your pig has gained more than 3 hearts it will be able to hunt for truffles. It also eats weeds.

Pets 3 and 4 - Various dog breeds[edit]

You might have heard about different dog breeds, but sadly any dogs that might have been pets have been removed. The big saint Bernard dog is called John and belongs to Wayne and the whippet-like dog never actually appears in the game. The husky in the cover does not appear in game either.

Wild Animals[edit]

A cool new feature to the HM series is the wild animal system. Now you can actually befriend the wild animals and record their affection towards you! This will affect how they act around you, say you haven't seen the squirrel before it will probably run scared from you, but once you actually befriend it, it will become attached to you and start to follow you around. Sadly, in the Japanese version the wild animals werent so welcomed because of a very dangerous glitch. To read more about it go to the glitches page.

If you want to know where to find them, go to the Wild Animal Locations page.

Once you befriend a certain wild animal to a point, an event will happen at your door one morning from which you can receive a happiness tone. These events happen at different levels for each wild animal, and some such as the dolphin don't have this event at all.

All Animals[edit]

  • Likes: Being picked up a day.
  • Dislikes: Being hit with tools.


  • Likes: Weeds, Chestnuts.
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Event at: Unknown


  • Likes: Weeds and herbs
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Event at: Unknown

Mallard (Duck)[edit]

  • Likes: Fish
  • Dislikes: Weeds
  • Event at: Unknown

White Kitten[edit]

  • Likes: Fish
  • Dislikes: Weeds
  • Event at: Unknown


  • Likes: Fruits & Herbs
  • Dislikes: Weeds
  • Event at: Unknown

Sparrow (Suzume)[edit]

  • Likes: Being picked up & mushrooms
  • Dislikes: Being hit with tools
  • Event at: Unknown

Bluebird (Cuckoo)[edit]

  • Likes: Being picked up
  • Dislikes: Being hit with tools
  • Event at: Unknown


  • Likes: Being greeted, fish
  • Dislikes: Being ignored
  • Event at: None, but does let you ride on its back to an island once you have ... hearts.


  • Likes: Being picked up, Fish
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Event at: Unknown


  • Likes: Fruits
  • Dislikes: Weeds
  • Event at: Unknown

Tree Frog[edit]

  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Event at: None, not even listed in the wild animal menu.


  • Likes: Nothing
  • Dislikes: Being hit
  • Event at: None, only useful for hitting with the tools (which will gain you a tone when done enough times.)

Fruit Bat[edit]

This animal is believed to have been removed from the game.

Here are a few of wild animal locations. They are only ideas of where to go if you want to find some, and may not always be correct.

Other Animals[edit]

  • Monkey: Also in the lake area.
  • Tanuki: Visit the lake area at night time.
  • Frog: Visit the small pond (where you can find the duck too) when raining.
  • Mole: Anywhere in the main map.
  • Suzume (Sparrow): Over the bridges and the areas surrounding in the main map.
  • Bluebird: Entrance to lake area.
  • Weasel: Unknown.
  • Bat: Unknown. Is there one?
  • Turtle: Unknown. Is there one?

Note: The rottweiler and San Bernard (dogs) are actually other people's pets but I included them anyway.