Animals (Innocent Life)

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Here is a list of the Animals that make up the Innocent Life, wildlife!


Battle Bot[edit]

The old Battle Bot that was outside the Easter Ruins for the first week of the game. Moonlight took it to Dr. Hope's lab on Spring 7th to have it fixed up for you. Dr. Hope will give it to you on Spring 35th. You have the ability to name it, and give it commands to do things around your farm. Here is a list of commands you can give it.

  • Remove Garbage - The robot will remove unnecessary things such as dog poo and dead plants from the fields.
  • Water Crops - The robot will water the crops that need it. There is a limit to the number of squares that can be watered in a day.
  • Collect Resources - The Robot will collect materials such as wood and stone that are in the fields and ship them for you.
  • Prepare Soil - The robot will prepare the soil for planting new crops. It will also remove dead plants, rocks, weeds, etc.

As time goes by, you can also get upgrades for your robot. Either by doing the Fumes Quest or by getting 120 Plain Ores and giving them to Dr. Hope for upgrades.


As in all the Harvest Moon games, you receive a dog. Well this one is no different. There are a few changes to the dog in this one though. First of all, this dog isn't the usual dog. It is a Sheep Dog. The other major change is that your dog can actually poop in this game! Everyday, you will find a piece of dog poop on your farm land. Your robot can pick this up.


As in the newest games, you get a kitten in this game. You get to choose between a white cat and a brown cat, the one you don't choose gets shipped across the ocean... It stays in your room and does nothing. Before 6 AM the kitten is asleep on the kitchen rug. In the Morning 6 AM - 10 AM it is in your bathroom. From 10 AM - 6 PM, it walks around your table. And from 6 PM - 12 AM it is sitting on your kitchen rug, licking itself.

Farm Animals[edit]

As in all Harvest Moon games, there are animals you can buy for your farm. You buy them off of the World Ranch Channel on T.V. They are limited to Cows, Chicken, and Sheep.


The first of the farm animals you are able to buy are chickens. Once Jonathan gives you the Cluck-O-Matic, you can order chickens off of the World Ranch Channel. You can keep up to five chickens at once. Chickens lay eggs everyday. The eggs are put on the belt in the Chicken Barn. You can then use the Mayo Machine to turn the eggs into Mayonnaise.


The next animals you can buy are Sheep. Once Jonathan gives you the Baa-A-Matic, you can order Sheep off of the World Ranch Channel. You can keep five sheep at once. Sheep are sheared every Friday at 5:45. The wool is then automatically shipped.


The last of the farm animals you can buy are the (MONSTER) Cows. Once Jonathan gives you the Moo-A-Matic, you can order Cows off of the World Ranch Channel. You can keep up to five cows at one time. There are two type of cows you can choose from, Jersey, which is a brown cow, and Holstein, which is the regular black and white cow. Cows give milk every day, and the milk is placed on the belt in the Cow Barn. You can then use the Cheese Maker to turn the milk into Cheese.