Animals (Harvest Moon: GB)

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  • Pet: This is your dog or cat depending on what you picked at the beginning of the game. Name it up to a four-letter name. If you have a friend you can trade pets via the Game Link Cable.

Dogs keep away moles. Cats keep wild dogs away, keeping your fence and chickens safe.

  • Foal: This is your horse you get later in the game. After you buy the saddlebags you can ship crops from it too.


  • Cows: These you can buy for five thousand (5,000) Gold or breed. They have three stages: baby, calve, adult. When they are an adult you can milk them and sell them for various prices.
  • Chickens: These you can buy for five hundred (500) Gold or hatch. They are in two stages: chick and chicken. You don't need to feed chicks.

Other Animals[edit]

  • Foxes: They run across the screen when you don't move. They are harmless.
  • Squirrels: They run across the screen when you don't move. They are harmless.
  • Frogs: You find these guys in the grass when you cut it. All they do is hop away. They're harmless.
  • Birds: When you leave your house in the morning there may be birds outside. They're harmless.
  • Rabbits: If you stay still long enough, one my run across the land. They are harmless.
  • Moles: They eat your crops if you don't pick them, and on walks with your cows they scare them. There's no way to get rid of them.