Animals (Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life)

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While the animals in Another Wonderful Life are the same as those in A Wonderful Life, several changes have been made to them.



At the start of the game, the player is given a choice between a pointy -eared dog and a floppy-eared one. The difference is only aesthetic and has no effect on gameplay. You can gain affection with your dog by putting food in its bowl each day. At higher levels of affection, the dog will begin to follow you around the farm.

You can now teach your dog four tricks: spin, jump, shake and stand. You can train in each trick once per day, plus one more for each heart it has, for a maximum of 11 times per day. Any further than this, and your dog will become stressed and lose affection with you. Your dog visibly improved at each trick the more you train it. Additionally, the dog can now be taken inside of your house.


You can get the cat from Romana starting in the first Fall of Chapter 2 by waking up later than your spouse. You treat it just like your dog, and they share the same bowl, so to gain affection with your cat you will need to fill the pet bowl twice per day.

The cat does not gain any significant changes from A Wonderful Life, but like the dog, it can now be taken inside of your house.