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Andy's Photo
Japanese Name: トト (Toto)
Residence: His mother's farm
Family: Mother (Unnamed)


"A boy who helps his mom with the farm."

Andy is a young boy visiting Clover Town on his own, much to his mother's dismay. His mother owns a farm back in his hometown.

Avatar Gallery[edit]


Customer Card[edit]

Customer Card

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Portrait Line
Normal Hi, I'm Andy! Who are you?
Normal <Player>, huh?
Normal What? You're running a store? Wow! That's crazy!
Normal I'll come visit, then!

General Talk
Portrait Line
Normal Hi!
Normal Give me a deal when I go to your store♪

Condition Portrait Line
Raining 1 Normal When I play in the rain, my Mom gets really angry.
Raining 1 Normal I guess it's because I get dirty.
Raining 2 Normal Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day♪

Town Events
Condition Portrait Line
An Invitation to the Starry Night Festival Event
Starry Night Invitation 1 Happy I'm allowed to stay up late tonight. Hehehe.
Starry Night Invitation 2 Normal Wow, you can see the stars better in this town!
Starry Night Invitation 2 Normal Hey! Wanna go see the shooting stars over at Clover Hill?
Choice: No Concerned Man, you're so boring!
Choice: Yes Happy Then let's go!
Starry Night Festival 1 Normal It's so pretty!
Starry Night Festival 1 Concerned What are shooting stars, anyway?
Starry Night Festival 1 Normal Are they, like, dragons in outer space or something?
Starry Night Festival 1 Normal I've seen dragons in books. They're scary...but really cool!
Starry Night Festival 2 Concerned ...
Starry Night Festival 2 Concerned I wonder what shooting stars are, anyway...
Starry Night Festival 2 Normal ...They're pretty, though!

Friendship Dialogue
Condition Portrait Line
Friendship Level 1 Event
Friendship Level 1 Normal I came here alone.
Friendship Level 1 Normal Mom gets angry when I wander far from home!
Friendship Level 1 Normal But boys need to go exploring!
Friendship Level 1 Normal You know what I'm talkin' about, right?
Choice: No Concerned Girls just don't get it.
Choice: No Concerned Whatever.
Choice: Yes Happy Totally!
Choice: Yes Normal Boys need adventure!
Friendship Level 2 Normal Well, I'm going to take over Mom's farm some day!
Friendship Level 2 Happy Mom's farm is so cool!
Friendship Level 2 Normal You work on a farm too?
Friendship level 3 Normal Cows are really cute.
Friendship level 3 Normal I could watch them all day.
Friendship level 3 Happy My Mom's farm is so cool!
Friendship Level 4 Event
Friendship level 4 Normal Hey, <Player>, let's play!
Choice: No Concerned Sheesh, you're so lame!
Note: Choosing No will fail the event, making Andy unable to become a Best Friend.
Choice: Yes Normal you get to eat, like, all the ice cream you want?
Choice: Yes Happy That was fun! See ya!
Friendship Level 5 Concerned Wow, your store has lots of customers, <Player>.
Friendship Level 5 Concerned Hey...
Friendship Level 5 Normal No, never mind.
Friendship Level 5 Normal You're too busy? You need a break!

Story Dialogue
Condition Portrait Line
Seeing Sprites Event
Seeing Sprites 1 Normal I saw a Harvest Sprite on my way over here. Have you seen one, <Player>?
Choice: No Concerned Hmm... Maybe I was just seeing things, then. It went away really fast.
Choice: Yes Happy Wow! I guess it was real after all!
Choice: Yes Normal It ran away, so I only caught a glimpse.
Seeing Sprites 2 Normal I've been helping Mom recently. I want to get better and better.
Seeing Sprites 2 Normal I wanted a Harvest Sprite to do my homework for me.
Seeing Sprites 2 Concerned But it was all like, "You need to do that yourself!" It was so lame.
The Clover Necklace Event (Part 1)
Clover Tower Shines Normal Whoa, cool! It's so bright!!
Clover Tower Shines Normal You give him a Clover Necklace.
Clover Tower Shines Normal What's this?
Clover Tower Shines Happy Whoa! It's made out of 4 Leaf Clovers?!
Clover Tower Shines Happy That's cool!
The Clover Necklace Event (Part 2)
Amadis Appears Normal Good evening! I'm Amadis, a Harvest Sprite!
Amadis Appears Normal <Player> gave Andy a Clover Necklace, so now I'm here!
Amadis Appears Normal I'm going to be helping you guys out from now on!♪
Amadis Appears Normal Everyone will be happier!♪ See you later!
Epilogue Event
Story Epilogue Concerned Hey, wait!
Story Epilogue Normal What is it?
Story Epilogue Normal You're a Harvest Sprite, right? Let's all play!
Choice: Sure thing! Happy Woohoo!
Choice: Some other time! Happy Cool! Next time we play, the Harvest Sprite will join us!

Shop Comments
Condition Portrait Line
First-time Visitor Normal I'm here! Now for my order......
Perfect Juice Happy Wow, this juice is so amazing!
Well-Done Juice Happy This is good! You make some great juice!
Okay Juice Normal It's OK...
Bad Juice Concerned Eh, it's not so good.
Perfect Egg Happy Whoa!! This is really cool!!
Well-Done Egg Happy Wow, this is neat! Eggs are pretty cool!
Okay Egg Normal Not bad!
Bad Egg Concerned Hmm... This isn't very cool.
Perfect Ice Cream Happy Yum!! I love ice cream!
Well-Done Ice Cream Happy This is good. You're really great at making ice cream.
Okay Ice Cream Normal It's OK...
Bad Ice Cream Concerned Eh, it's not so good.


  • Andy shares the same design as the child of Muffy in A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon DS. The only difference is his eye color in My Little Shop.
  • Because there are other visiting characters from A Wonderful Life (discernible from their Japanese names) in My Little Shop, it is very likely that Andy is Muffy (AWL)'s son.
  • Andy states that his mother owns a farm. As Andy has the same design as Muffy's son, it can be inferred that Muffy ended up with Mark, the AWL protagonist.