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This page is about Amber from Rune Factory 4. For other uses, see Amber (disambiguation).
Amber's Photo
Japanese Name: コハク (Kohaku)
Voiced By: Japan 佐藤 聡美 (Satomi Sato)
North America Cassandra Lee Morris
Birthday: Spring 26th
Residence: Carnation Flowers
Favorite Gifts: Mixed Smoothie, Emery Flower, Mixed Ole
Hated Gifts: Ironleaf, Super Ironleaf

A girl with butterfly-like wings. Innocent and easygoing, but seems clueless about the modern world. She loves sunlight so much that she always perches herself in the warmest possible spot on sunny days. Unsurprisingly, this also means that she hates cold weather.[1]

Amber is a sunny, cheerful florist who works alongside Illuminata at her flower shop, Carnation's. She is extremely naive and sees things in a simplistic light, and is extremely fascinated by the world around her, even if she sometimes misunderstands it. Due to her butterfly-like nature, she is drawn to flowers and sunlight. She is Clorica's "sleeping buddy".

To unlock Amber, you must fight Ambrosia at the end of Yokmir Forest.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Neutral Happy Angry Sad Surprised Shy

Events and Requirements[edit]

Florist by Day, Sleuth by Night![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Illuminata, Amber, Xiao Pai, Nancy
  • Description:

Get It Together![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Clorica, Amber, Doug, Forte, Arthur, Margaret, Dolce
  • Description:

Pajama Party Time![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Clorica, Forte, Margaret, Amber, Xiao Pai, Dolce, Pico
  • Description:

Introducing Amber Watson[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Kiel, Bado, Arthur, Illuminata
  • Description:

Sweet Nothings[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber
  • Description:

Love Charms[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Everyone
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Illuminata, Forte, Kiel
  • Description:

My First Errand[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Your Child, Volkanon, Blossom, Jones, Lin Fa
  • Description:

Secret Present[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Your Child
  • Description:

Do You Like Me?[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Your Child
  • Description:

A Stroll In the Sky[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Amber, Ventuswill
  • Description:



Amber absolutely adores mixed smoothies, emery flowers, and gold juice. To make a mixed smoothie you first have to make mixed juice, which requires an apple, grapes, an orange, a pineapple, a strawberry, and some milk. Blend all that together in a mixer and you have mixed juice. After that, all you have to do is mix some honey with the mixed juice, and then you'll have a mixed smoothie! To grow an emery flower you must buy the seeds from Carnation Flowers, which will only unlock after you have completed the request "Harvest Almost all Crops". The seeds take 120 days to grow, so it's a rather laborious task; the good news is that there are no good seasons or bad seasons to grow these flowers in.

If the things listed above are too hard to achieve - as they will be early on - there are several easier things you can give Amber for less LP. Amber likes all sorts of flowers, honey (which can be harvested from bees after befriending them), fruit (which can be found in the dungeons or grown on your farm), and all sorts of juices (which can be made in the mixer.)

Amber absolutely hates fish and ironleaf though, so don't give her those!

Preference Gift
Love Mixed Smoothie ᆞ Gold Juice ᆞ Emery Flower ᆞ Great Emery Flower
Like Honey ᆞ Toyherb ᆞ Ultra Toyherb ᆞ Moondrop Flower ᆞ Ultra Moondrop Flower ᆞ Pink Cat ᆞ King Pink Cat ᆞ Charm Blue ᆞ Great Charm Blue ᆞ Cherry Grass ᆞ King Cherry Grass ᆞ Lamp Grass ᆞ Kaiser Lamp Grass ᆞ Blue Crystal ᆞ Big Blue Crystal ᆞ Green Crystal ᆞ Big Green Crystal ᆞ Red Crystal ᆞ Big Red Crystal ᆞ White Crystal ᆞ Big White Crystal ᆞ Fireflower ᆞ Big Fireflower ᆞ Autumn Grass ᆞ Big Autumn Grass ᆞ Noel Grass ᆞ Large Noel Grass ᆞ Strawberry ᆞ Sultan Strawberry ᆞ Pineapple ᆞ King Pineapple ᆞ Grapes ᆞ Apple ᆞ Orange ᆞ Pineapple Juice ᆞ Tomato Juice ᆞ Grape Juice ᆞ Orange Juice ᆞ Apple Juice ᆞ Fruit Juice ᆞ Fruit Smoothie ᆞ Vegetable Juice ᆞ Veggie Smoothie ᆞ Mixed Juice ᆞ Hot Juice ᆞ Prelude to Love
Dislike All Fish ᆞ Boot ᆞ Scrap Iron ᆞ Weed ᆞ Withered Grass ᆞ Failed Dish ᆞ Disastrous Dish ᆞ Stone ᆞ Branch ᆞ Object X
Hate Ironleaf ᆞ Super Ironleaf
Any gift not listed is neutral. [2]





Spoiler Below - Wedding Portrait


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