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This page is about Alice from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. For other uses, see Alice (disambiguation).
Alice's Photo
Japanese Name: アリス (Arisu)
Birthday: Spring 29
Residence: Unknown
Family: Aaron (Brother)
Favorite Gift(s): Royal Jelly


Alice (アリス, Arisu) often bosses around her brother Aaron. She is mischievous and pretends to behave before the Harvest Goddess to gain praise for other's merits. It's implied she's lazy because she's perfectly capable of doing work, but instead she delegates it to her brother so she doesn't have to do it.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]


On sunny days, she and her brother will always be out by the musical tree stumps. On rainy and snowy days, Aaron and Alice are not accessible.


Likes: All flowers

Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
White Everyday I'll have to work hard again today to protect the land. Managing the land is hard work, you know.
Purple Everyday My hobby? Why do you want to know something like that? Well, whatever.
Purple Happy My hobby is to instruct my kid brother! He's such a klutz, he irritates me, so I supervise him. It's fun.
Blue Everyday Do you make offerings to the Harvest Goddess? I've noticed an increase in things that look like rubbish... If you're throwing out things that look like rubbish, don't. It's a lot of work to clean them up.
Green Everyday Don't tell me you think I don't look after my kid brother? If you do, you are wrong.
Green Happy I'm teaching my brother to become a fine Harvest Sprite! Oh, what a wonderful sister I am...
Yellow Everyday What do you think of the Harvest Sprite clothing? I think it's cute. But I'd like to wear different kinds of clothes like humans do. I envy you.
Yellow Happy Don't they have clothes shops for Harvest Sprites too? If they did, I'd go every day.
Orange Sad It's exhausting to serve the Harvest Goddess. For ages now, it's do this or do that.
Orange Happy Although I push it all onto my kid brother. Brothers respect their big sisters. Hohohohoho.
Red Happy For a human, you've got willpower. I'll admit that much. Just a little, though. Don't get me wrong now. Don't start slacking off.

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • Alice refers to Aaron as her kid brother. Even though they're referred to as twins, this implies Alice is older than Aaron.



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