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This page is about Alex from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. For other uses, see Alex (disambiguation).
Alex's Photo
Japanese Name: アズマ (Azuma)
Birthday: Spring 30
Residence: Clinic
Family: None
Favorite Gift: Turnip, Spinach
Rival: Gina


Alex is the town's main doctor. He spends his time in his clinic, in the mine, or wandering around his clinic.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Description Line
Zero Hearts "How're you feeling? Please take it easy."
One Heart "It becomes easy to lose physical strength if you work without enough sleep, so please take care."
Two Hearts "I was born and raised in this village. I went to town to study, but sure enough, one's hometown is indeed nice."
Three Hearts "Helping out so that people can live quality lives is my job. What's most important is a person's mindset."
Four Hearts "If you take care and pay attention on a regular basis, you should never collapse."
Five Hearts "I can't heal the pain in the minds of patients. The power of doctors may actually not be all that powerful at all..."
Six Hearts "There are many precious plants in this village, so my work is a little easier. After all, medicine is expensive and hard to come by."
Seven Hearts "There are things that exceed a doctor's power like the feelings and hopes of people. There are many examples of people who live after being diagnosed with deadly illnesses."
Eight Hearts "When I look at you there are times when I feel awkward, but you put my mind at ease in a way. You're a wonder."
Nine/Ten Hearts "If I leave you be, you might work until you collapse, and you're always doing this and that for others. Umm... I have to be around to watch over you."


Description Line
Morning "Morning."
Afternoon "Hi."
Evening "Good evening."
Farewell "Staying up late isn’t good for your body."

Weather Lines[edit]

Description Line
Rainy "I feel like the sound and smell of the rain is soothing."

Miscellaneous Lines[edit]

Description Line
In the mine "I hope there are ingredients for medicine. If you find any, by all means please send some to me."
Beach Festival "Swimming is a sport that’s good for your health. Maybe I’ll join in after I put on some sunscreen."
Married to someone else "You must not work late into the night and overdo things. It might make <Spouse Name> worry about you.”


6:00 AM 7:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 0:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PM 10:00 PM 11:00 PM 12:00 AM
Single Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday Clinic Clinic
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday (Rain or Snow) Clinic
Wednesday Outside the Clinic, Sunny Lake, Moonlight Cave Clinic
Wednesday (Rain or Snow) Clinic Moonlight Cave Clinic
Married Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday Your Main Home Clinic Clinic Your Main Home Bed
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday (Rain or Snow) Your Main Home Clinic Your Main Home Bed
Wednesday Your Main Home Outside the Clinic, Sunny Lake, Moonlight Cave Your Main Home Bed
Wednesday (Rain or Snow) Your Main Home Moonlight Cave Your Main Home Bed
Gray space indicates free time


Alex has neutral feelings (+5 LP) towards all gifts not listed below.

◎ = Crop grown in fertile soil
○ = Crop grown in normal soil
△ = Crop grown in sandy soil

Favorite (+20 LP)[edit]

Category Gift
Crops Turnip (◎) | Spinach (◎)
Cooking Veggie Salad | Spinach Saute | Stewed Spinach | Grilled Sardine | Grilled Snapper | Grilled Salmon | Grilled Mackerel | Veggie Juice | Grass Juice | Pickled Turnip

Liked (+10 LP)[edit]

Category Gift
Crops Turnip (○/△) | Spinach (○/△) | Cayenne | Blue Mist Flower | Orange Herb | Green Herb | Purple Herb | Red Herb | Pontata Root | Toadstool
Products Milk | Good Milk | Special Milk | Cheese | Good Cheese | Special Cheese
Cooking Tomato Sandwich | Egg Sandwich | Quesadilla | Mushroom Saute | Truffle Saute | Baked Potato | Hot Milk | Cocoa | Herb Tea | Potage Soup | Corn Soup | Tomato Soup | Pumpkin Soup | Mushroom Soup | Onion Soup | Bouillabaisse | Stew | Cream Salmon | Spicy Stew | Stewed Pumpkin | Stewed Potato | Stewed Yam | Stewed Eggplant | Grilled Rainbow Trout | Grilled Saury | Grilled Flounder | Grilled Tuna | Bread | Corn Bread | Potato Gratin | Eggplant Gratin | Mushroom Gratin | Seafood Gratin | Orange Juice | Apple Juice | Grape Juice | Tomato Juice | Pickled Cabbage | Pickled Eggplant | Yogurt | Deviled Egg | Baked Yam | Baked Chestnut | Baked Corn
Others Coral

Hated (-10 LP)[edit]

Category Gift
Fish Empty Can | Boot (Left) | Boot (Right)
Cooking Failed Dish | Toadstool Saute | Weird Dish
Others Stone | Weed


  • Alex resembles the character Doctor from Friends of Mineral Town, he even states that most people just call him 'Doctor'.