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Known as Trophies, there are 35 obtainable achievements. The Trophy List is viewable on the bookshelf. Achievements are shared among all save files. When you start a new game, the letter about acquiring any previously obtained trophies will be in your mailbox from the start.

List of Achievements[edit]

Image Achievement Japanese Name Description
Sosfomt achievements 01.jpg Happiness is Eternal 幸せは永遠に… Get married.
Sosfomt achievements 02.jpg My New Life 牧場主始めました Reach Spring of Year 2.
Sosfomt achievements 03.jpg Farm Life Forever 牧場主続けました Reach Spring of Year 3.
Sosfomt achievements 04.jpg Agriculture, I Am Thy King 牧場王に!私はなるっ! Reach Spring of Year 5.
Sosfomt achievements 05.jpg No Ulterior Motives, I Swear 下心ではなく真心 Make 300 offerings to the Harvest Goddess. (1x per day)
Sosfomt achievements 06.jpg A Comfortable Living 少し余裕のある生活 Have a total of 50,000G at once.
Sosfomt achievements 07.jpg Time to Start Investing 資産運用開始! Have a total of 100,000G at once.
Sosfomt achievements 08.jpg Now I Can Retire Early 人生セミリタイア Have a total of 5,000,000G at once.
Sosfomt achievements 09.jpg Grade-A Fisher 釣り人A Catch 10 different types of fish.
Sosfomt achievements 10.jpg Master Angler 釣り師 Catch 50 different types of fish.
Sosfomt achievements 11.jpg Caught the Guardians 海と川のぬし釣り Catch every type of fish.
Sosfomt achievements 12.jpg I Cooked and Didn't Burn It! 得意料理は卵焼きです Cook 10 different kinds of dishes.
Sosfomt achievements 13.jpg Home Cooking is My Hobby 趣味は料理です Cook 50 different kinds of dishes.
Sosfomt achievements 14.jpg Bon Vivant's Successor グルメマン後継者 Cook every kind of dish.
Sosfomt achievements 15.jpg A Little Adventure 冒険の書を作った Reach BF30 in a mine.
Sosfomt achievements 16.jpg My Real Job is Spelunking 冒険者に転職しました Reach BF100 in a mine.
Sosfomt achievements 17.jpg Gaze Into the Abyss 深淵をのぞく時… Reach BF255 in a mine.
Sosfomt achievements 18.jpg Let's Impress Zack ザクをガッカリさせない Ship every type of crop.
Sosfomt achievements 19.jpg All Natural, Non-GMO 遺伝子組換えでない Ship every type of crop with ★5 quality.
Sosfomt achievements 20.jpg Master Cow Rancher 牧場ウシ物語始めました Own at least 8 cows.
Sosfomt achievements 21.jpg Master Sheep Rancher 牧場ヒツジ物語始めました Own at least 8 sheep.
Sosfomt achievements 22.jpg Master Chicken Keeper 牧場ニワトリ物語始めました Own at least 4 chickens.
Sosfomt achievements 23.jpg Master Rabbit Keeper 牧場アンゴラウサギ物語始めました Own at least 4 Angora rabbits.
Sosfomt achievements 24.jpg Master Alpaca Rancher 牧場アルパカ物語始めました Own at least 8 alpacas.
Sosfomt achievements 25.jpg Why Pick Only One? 牧場動物物語始めました Own at least one of every livestock type.
Sosfomt achievements 26.jpg Master Breeder マスターブリーダー Breed at least one of every livestock type.
Sosfomt achievements 27.jpg Solomon's Ring ソロモンの指輪 Own 5 pets.
Sosfomt achievements 28.jpg Titan of the Clash 応援団長! Win the Cluck-Cluck Clash.
Sosfomt achievements 29.jpg Grade-A Quality A5ランク! Win the Moo-Moo Festival.
Sosfomt achievements 30.jpg Eat My Shorts, Yodel Ranch ヨーデル牧場も目じゃない Win the Fluffy Festival.
Sosfomt achievements 31.jpg A Full House フルハウス Renovate your house twice.
Sosfomt achievements 32.jpg Funding Gotts' Retirement ゴッツ大儲け Renovate every building on your farm.
Sosfomt achievements 33.jpg Talk About Prune Skin ふやけた… Stay in the Hot Spring for 10 hours straight.
Sosfomt achievements 34.jpg Home Cooking Tastes Best 自給自足の食いしん坊 Eat at least one of every type of dish you can make.
Sosfomt achievements 35.jpg I Choose You! キミに決めた! Successfully confess to every romance option before marriage.



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