Evergreen Banner, circa 2005-2007
Ranch Story Banner, circa 2007 onward

Ranch Story, Our History

While our community has been popularly known as the Ranch Story community, it has undergone several changes in the course of its history.

Ranch Story has been around since 2007 and was formerly "Harvest Moon Evergreen". The earliest public version of the wiki began in 2010, with preliminary work being done in 2008/2009. Many of our community members remember the old days of forum based discussions where Ranch Story collaborated on sharing information, creations, and other factoids in the world of Bokumono.

In 2019, Ranch Story lost its host and with it went the original wiki, its website and forums. Despite this loss, efforts began to move the wiki to a new location so it could still be utilized by Bokumono fans. Our forums migrated to Discord and Reddit. Transferring the wiki was a project of love for many members, and as much information as we could scour from the old website, forums and wiki we migrated to its new home.

Our Goals

Backed by many ambitious Bokumono lovers, Ranch Story has recovered most of its original content. We now embark on the journey of improving our information and making our resources invaluable to the community. With meticulous detail-oriented work, we continue to embellish, rework and make sections of our wiki not only aesthetically pleasing but mobile-friendly, accessible articles with information gathered from legitimate sources.

Our community loves these games, and we enjoy sharing our gathered knowledge with others and hope we can offer indispensable guides and archives of Bokumono information for all.