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This page is about Martin from Rune Factory 5. For other uses, see Martin (disambiguation).
Martin's Photo
Japanese Name: マーティン (Maatin)
Voiced By: Japan 福山 潤 (Jun Fukuyama)
North America TBA
Family: Cecil (Younger Brother)
Favorite Gifts:
Hated Gifts:

Martin (マーティン, Maatin) is a young man who became a blacksmith's apprentice aiming to become the best in the world. He doesn't talk much, and is rather professional in manner, but there are rumors that he secretly names his favorite tools. As he's aloof, he gets misunderstood sometimes. He's always thinking about the forge, but his meeting with the protagonist will change his world.[1]

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  • Martin's weapon preference is a hammer. To use combo attack techniques with Martin, you must also use a hammer.[2]
  • In the Rune Factory 5 Destined Person ♡ Diagnosis Quiz, Martin was compared to Doug from Rune Factory 4/Special. If you're given him as a destined partner, the result reads: "Your destined partner is Martin, a craftsman who dreams of becoming the best blacksmith. He secretly names his tools and strives to make the best tools possible. You're sure to fall in love with him! If you want to turn his attention towards you, close the distance between the both of you by casting healing spells to soothe his tired body and giving him his favorite fruits. If you give him space as he pursues his dreams and support him with gentle care, you'll greatly increase your chances of reaching your goal." The question featuring his chibi art is "Do you consider yourself a dexterous person?"[3]


Introductory Trailer, aired November 5, 2020[4]


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