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Story of Seasons:
Pioneers of Olive Town
SOSPioneers Box Front
Japanese Title: 牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地 (Bokujou Monogatari Oriibu Taun to Kibou no Daichi)
Translation: Ranch Story Olive Town and the Land of Hope
Developer: Marvelous
Three Rings Inc.
Director: Hikaru Nakano
Publishers: Japan Marvelous Inc.
South Korea Hong Kong & Taiwan SEGA
North America XSEED Games
Europe Australia Marvelous Europe Ltd.
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Dates: Japan South Korea Hong Kong & Taiwan February 25, 2021
North America March 23, 2021
Europe Australia March 26, 2021
Players: 1
Online: Yes (For limited features only)
Ratings: Japan CERO: A
North America ESRB: E
Europe PEGI: 3
Germany USK: 0
Australia ACB: G
South Korea GRAC: ALL
Hong Kong & Taiwan GSRR: PG12
Product Codes:
Media: Game Card, Digital Download

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地, Bokujou Monogatari Oriibu Taun to Kibou no Daichi) is the newest addition to the Story of Season series. Inspired by tales of their grandfather’s pioneering days, the protagonist decides to pack their bags and leave the hustle and bustle of big city life for the frontier in Olive Town.


When the protagonist arrives in Olive Town, they run into Victor, the town’s mayor and their grandfather’s old friend. He brings them to the old farm, which has been reclaimed by nature over the years. Determined to breathe life back into their grandfather’s dream and follow in his footsteps, the protagonist rolls up their sleeves and gets to work.

Olive Town—which is just a stone’s throw away from the farm—is a port town built on the tip of a peninsula. It might be a quiet little town, but it is home to a whole host of unique characters. And while the townsfolk get by well enough in this picturesque seaside locale, a little more tourism never hurt anyone…

The long-awaited brand new entry in the original farm / life simulation franchise, known in Japan as Bokujou Monogatari, makes its debut on Nintendo Switch, bringing players more freedom than ever before to shape an untamed wilderness and customize their farm down to the very tile. A new cast of marriage candidates, a town that grows and thrives along with your farm, and a request system highlight the new features, all while retaining the core elements of the Story of Seasons series. Finding Earth Sprites while exploring your farmland may lead you to mysterious, fantastical lands such as gardens where the seasons never change, an island in the sky, or even the inside of a volcano![1]


  • Cultivate Your Farm, Cultivate Your Town – Tame the wilderness of the peninsula and build your farm from the ground up! Gather and process materials to fulfill requests and improve Olive Town’s infrastructure, upgrade tools, or commission new outfits and accessories.
  • Simple Mechanics, Deep Gameplay – Greenhorn farmers can rest easy with the return of Seedling Mode and Normal Mode. Veteran players ready to create a bustling farm of their own will find familiar features and facilities with new twists on classic gameplay elements.
  • A Farm of Endless Possibilities – Clear the land, repair old facilities, and place new ones wherever you see fit. Level up your farming skills and craft a variety of decorations and facilities, from fences and automatic feeders for livestock to sprinklers for crops!
  • There’s Always Something Going on in Olive Town! – Participate in local festivals as the town comes to life with over 200 unique events! Get to know your neighbors better and you may even find love with a special someone among them.


In the January 2021 issue of Nintendo Dream, Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town was in 6th place of top most wanted games.[2]

Innovations to the series

Characters introduced in this game

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
Romance Candidates:

Header iconmini SOSPioneers Damon.png DamonHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Emilio.png EmilioHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Iori.png IoriHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jack.png JackHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Ralph.png Ralph

Header iconmini SOSPioneers Blaire.png BlaireHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Bridget.png BridgetHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Laura.png LauraHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Linh.png LinhHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Reina.png Reina


Header iconmini SOSPioneers Angela.png AngelaHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Beth.png BethHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Cindy.png CindyHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Clemens.png ClemensHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Dosetsu.png DosetsuHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Georg.png GeorgHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Gloria.png GloriaHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jacopo.png JacopoHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jason.png JasonHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jeanne.png JeanneHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jessie.png JessieHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Karina.png KarinaHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Lars.png LarsHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Lovett.png LovettHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Manuela.png ManuelaHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Marcos.png MarcosHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Mikey.png MikeyHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Misaki.png MisakiHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Nguyen.png NguyenHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Jessie.png NigelHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Norman.png NormanHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Patricia.png PatriciaHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Raul.png RaulHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Sally.png SallyHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Simon.png SimonHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Sydney.png SydneyHeader iconmini SOSPioneers Victor.png Victor

Olive Town Expansion Pass
Romance Candidates:







  • Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is the third game of the Bokujou Monogatari (牧場物語 / Story of Seasons) series to feature same-sex dating and marriage.

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  2. Nintendo DREAM (ニンテンドードリーム) 2021年 01月号 [雑誌]. (2021, January). Nintendo Dream, Vol. 320.

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