Welcome to the Resources Hub for the Ranchstory wiki!

Here you'll find a collection of tutorials to help you edit this wiki.

If you're already familiar with wiki-editing, there's just a few key elements to our wiki that you need to know.

  • This wiki will only have Marvelous-approved games on it for Bokumono. This excludes the 2 Marvelous-licensed, Natsume-developed games: Frantic Farming and Puzzle de Harvest Moon.
  • Do not correct grammatical errors in scripts. We try to present the scripts as they are in-game, including all the grammatical errors.
  • We have a dedicated Wiki Server on Discord where most of our staff collaborate on code and file uploads off-site.You are strongly encouraged to join the Discord or before making edits or uploading files, as we may already have a plan for sections and files that you edit.
  • If you are unsure about something in a game, please discuss with other wiki-editors on our Resources discussion page or in the Discord before adding it to the wiki.

And, as a reminder, please be courteous to other wiki-editors. All time donated to editing and maintaining this wiki is purely done out of charity by Bokumono fans, so if you don't receive a response right away, please give us a few days to respond to any inquiries.

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