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Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley
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Japanese Title: 牧場物語 シュガー村とみんなの願い (Bokujou Monogatari Shugaa Mura to Minna no Negai)
Translation: Ranch Story Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish
Developer(s): Marvelous Interactive
Publisher(s): Natsume Co., Ltd
Platform(s): PSP
Release Dates: PSP
JPN.gif: March 19, 2009
NTSC.gif: April 27, 2010
PAL.gif: November 12, 2010
Playstation Store
Europe October 31, 2012
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): JPN.gif: CERO: A
North America ESRB: E
Europe PEGI: 3
Media(s): PSP
Japan North America Europe Disc
Playstation Store
Europe Digital Download


This game was released to America April 27, 2010 for the PSP under the title Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (牧場物語 シュガー村とみんなの願い, Bokujou Monogatari Shugaa Mura to Minna no Negai). The Harvest Goddess requires the player's assistance in saving the town from being made into a resort. With more fate involved in the decision making, there are 16 different forks in the road to choose from as the player attempts to save the town. Not to mention the player has the added option of wooing a future spouse, an option missing in the previous installment, "Save the Homeland."


Toy, a young man, ventures to the scenic Leaf Village to pick up his grandfather's belongings after hearing that he passed away. Once there, he learns the village will be overturned and converted into a resort. He is then approached by the Harvest Goddess and she asks him to rescue the village. Toy accepts, then goes to work hard to save the village and take over his grandfather's farm.


  • A remake of the Playstation 2's Save the Homeland
  • There are eight possible marriage candidates

Innovations to the series


Protagonist: Toy

Bachelorettes: Aurelia · Dia · Gina · Gwen · Katie · Lyla

Special Candidates: Alice · Harvest Goddess

Villagers: Bob · Charles · Chester · Flak · Joe · Kurt · Louis · Martha · Nac · Nic · Parsley · Ponta · Renton · Ronald · Rudolph · Tim · Wallace · Woody · Zann

Characters introduced in this game

Bachelorettes: Alice · Aurelia

Villagers: Charles · Chester · Ponta · Renton · Rudolph · Zann


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