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Header iconmini HMFoMT Basil.png Basil
This page is about Basil from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Basil (disambiguation).
Basil's Photo
Japanese Name: バジル (Bajiru)
Birthday: Summer 11
Residence: Basil's House
Family: Anna (Wife)
Mary (Daughter)
Favorite Gift:


Basil (バジル, Bajiru) is a botanist, the husband of Anna and the father of Mary. He and his family live in the house connected to the town's library. Though it seems like he wanders around Mineral Town and its surroundings without a purpose, he's really studying the flora of the area and cataloguing it in books in the library. Though he loves his family, it's evident his strongest passion is for botany.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

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Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Full dialogue is found in the collapsible table below.

Avatar Event Line
Dlg-hm-fomt basil everyday.png First Meeting Hey there? Are you a tourist? No, you're new in town? This town is beautiful, and the people are nice, so I bet you'll like it here. Me? Oh, sorry, the name's Basil. I'm studying the flora of this area.
Dlg-hm-fomt basil everyday.png Spring
At Home
Mothers Hill is home to many different species of flora. That's why we came to this town in the first place!
Dlg-hm-fomt basil everyday.png Spring
At Home
There are plants around here which don't grow anywhere else!
Dlg-hm-fomt basil happy.png Spring
At Bar
This town has great wine. I shouldn't partake as often as I do...
Dlg-hm-fomt basil happy.png Mother's Hill I just love outdoor air!!
Dlg-hm-fomt basil sad.png Mother's Hill Plants change a lot in just one week, you know. Especially if it rains or snows!
Dlg-hm-fomt basil everyday.png Walking Hi, <Player>. Are you done for the day? Don’t try to do everything too perfectly, or you won’t hold up!