Animals (Harvest Moon: Back to Nature)

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Animals are one of the main parts of the game, especially in terms of making money. When possible you should try to not look at them so much as money-makers but rather part of your family.


Chickens have always been an important part in Harvest Moon, and they still are. You may have up to 10 chickens, each of which has a potential to make 300G worth of produce each day; that's 3,000G daily off them alone.

  • Egg - 50G
  • Spa-boiled Egg - 80G
  • Gold Egg - 150G
  • S Mayonnaise - 100G
  • M Mayonnaise - 150G
  • L Mayonnaise - 200G
  • G Mayonnaise - 300G


Cows will give you plenty of money throughout the game if you treat them right. Just remember to brush, feed and talk to them everyday, and eventually they'll come to like you even more. If you manage to make a cow happy enough that it can win the Cow Festival it will even start giving Gold milk!

  • Cow - 6,000G
  • S Milk - 100G
  • M Milk - 150G
  • L Milk - 200G
  • G Milk - 300G
  • S Cheese - 300G
  • M Cheese - 400G
  • L Cheese - 500G
  • G Cheese - 600G

As you can see you can make a killing off cheese, so get the cheese maker whenever you get the chance.


Your trusty dog starts off as a puppy this time around; he'll grow up by Fall. If you raise your dog well he'll be able to protect your livestock at night by fending off any wild animals.


Fish are an interesting trick in this game. When you catch a fish put it in the pond on your farm, then continue to put fish feed in there, and sooner or later--providing you also continue to add fish--the fish will grow and begin to have even more fish! If you get enough fish in your pond, you will even get an upgraded fishing rod, and hey, you can always sell those now-plump fish.


When you first visit Yodel Farm you'll run into an event where you end up getting your horse. If you can take care of it until it grows up then you will get to keep it afterwards. However, treat it poorly and it will be taken away from you until you can show that you're ready for it. The horse will allow you to move around your farm much faster and can even function as portable shipping bin.


Sheep need to be taken care of the same way as cows, but unfortunately they don't make nearly as much money. Sheep will produce wool roughly once a week, and for a while that wool will be of little worth; however, once you get the yarn maker this will significantly change. Sheep, despite making little money, are always fun to have around and make a great addition to the farm.

  • S Wool - 100G
  • M Wool - 400G
  • L Wool - 500G
  • G Wool - 600G
  • S Yarn - 300G
  • M Yarn - 700G
  • L Yarn - 800G
  • G Yarn - 1,000G